Are you searching for the Best Ultralight Solar Chargers?

We have spent close to 27 hours doing our own research and gone through more than 100+ solar lights to find the best of the best ultralight solar chargers.

We’ve also gone through a handful of solar industry resources and research papers in order to find out what to look for when it comes to choosing the most reliable and best ultralight solar chargers.

It was getting confusing so we even ended up working with a Certified Mechanical Engineer who has been working with one of the most reputed companies in the Solar Energy space. Our team worked with him and one of his friends who is a solar panel technician and altogether we curated a list of following 11 ultralight solar chargers.

Top 11 Ultralight Solar Chargers Reviews

Photo Product Price Buy
Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, Fast Charge External Battery Pack with Dual 2.1A Output USB Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, etc. (Waterproof) $46.99 Read Reviews
Braxus BXP-001 Portable Solar Panel USB Charger - 10.6 Watts - Ultralight Water Resistant Foldable Solar Portable Charger - Sunpower Flexible Solar Panels with USB Port 5 Volt / 2 Amp Power Output $38.99 Read Reviews
Solar Charger 25000mAh, Hiluckey Outdoor Portable Solar Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels, 18W PD USB C Fast Charge External Battery Pack, 3 USB Ports for Smartphones, Tablets, etc $36.99 Read Reviews
Ryno Tuff Solar Charger With Integrated Battery - Portable Solar Charger for Camping - 21W Foldable Solar Panel Charger 2 USB Ports - Waterproof & Durable Compatible With Most Devices $69.99 Read Reviews
Portable Solar Charger - Solar Powerbank – Portable 10,000mah Charger - Best Waterproof Solar Charger for Phones, USB Devices, Tablets & MP3 Players - for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Compass inc $25.92 Read Reviews
ECEEN Folding Solar Panel Phone Charger With USB Port,Zipper Pack for iPhone, iPad, iPods, Samsung, Android Smartphones Speaker Gopro All 5V USB-Charging Devices (Black) $39.99 Read Reviews
BigBlue 28W Solar Charger with Digital Ammeter, 2USB(5V/4A Max Overall), Portable Waterproof Solar Panels Phone Charger Compatible with iPhone 11/Xs/XR/X/8, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google Pixel etc. $63.96 Read Reviews
Lixada 10W High Power Paper Shaped Mini Portable Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel Charger USB Port for Cell Phone Camping Riding Climbing Travel Outdoor Activity $19.99 Read Reviews
Sunnybag Leaf PRO | Premium Outdoor Solar Charger | The World's Most Powerful Water Flexible Solar Panel | ISPO Award Winner | Ultra-Light and Robust $129.00 Read Reviews
Suntactics S5 Ultralight Hiking Solar Charger, Quick Charge Phones, Power Banks and Many Other USB Devices Using Only The Sun! Assembled in The USA $119.95 Read Reviews

What Factors We Considered For Choosing These Ultralight Solar Chargers:

We couldn’t agree on which features to look for when curating this list, so each of us made our own list and combined together so we don’t miss out on anything from that. After combining a mega solar power feature list, our Solar Power Expert came up for the following essential list of features that no one should ignore.

  1. Brightness Of The Light

  2. Durability

  3. Waterproofness

  4. Motion Sensor

  5. Battery Power

  6. Charging Time

  7. Ease Of Use

  8. Ease Of Installation

Best Ultralight Solar Chargers – Top 11 Reviews

We had to look at so many factors and a wide range of variations when we were curating a list of best of the best ultralight solar chargers. Apart from the usual features, we also considered other important aspects such as price, material, warranty period, feedback from other customers, etc. and came up with the following list. We have spent hours doing research on hundreds of products and have handpicked these ultralight solar chargers. It was like going back to the school or university and work on a research paper but we’ve finally done it. We hope you’ll find something from our list you’ll like.

  • 25000mAh High Capacity: Built-in 25000mAh Li-polymer battery, it can charge your phones 8-10 times or tablets 3-4 times for an average of 9 days of usage per charge.
  • 4 Solar Panels: With 4 foldable high-effeciency solar panels, up to 1A input current under the sunlight, which is 4 - 6 times faster than the other solar chargers. You can also use micro USB cable to charge it.
  • Dual USB 2.1A Output: Dual 2.1A USB ports allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously with 2.1A high speed charging. Auto-detect your devices' current to pair the optimal output.
  • Built for Outdoors: Rugged construction is dust, shock and waterproof; Built in LED flashlight with SOS mode, perfert for outdoor emergency.
  • What You Get: 25000mAh Portable Solar Charger, a micro USB cable, User Manual.
  • ☔WATERPROOF AND DUSTPROOF - The Braxus Solar Charger is the first fully waterproof solar charger, including the USB ports. It can keep up with you on all of your adventures, no matter how wet, icy, or dusty. LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE AND RUGGED - Braxus Solar panels were designed to seamlessly accompany you on any adventure. Braxus Solar Panels are ultra lightweight at only 10.6oz, are easily packable, and include 4 loop holes to strap the panel to your backpack.
  • 🔋FAST CHARGING - Our Braxus Panels brings the ultimate solar chargers for electronic devices - compatible w/ Apple iPhone, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini, Galaxy S-series / Edge / Note, LG, Nexus, HTC and many DSLR's, GPS and more. ULTRA HIGH EFFICIENCY - The Braxus Solar Panels feature SunPower’s latest high efficiency solar cells, delivering a faster more efficient charge with a more compact panel. Braxus solar cells convert up to 21-25% of solar power into free energy.
  • 📱USB OUTPUT - The Braxus portable solar phone charger has a USB power output port that can support your tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, digital photo frames, mini speakers, handheld GPS navigation system, and many more! Our solar power bank was made with our customers in mind, we know everyone wants to live their best life without any road blocks. This portable solar charger will get you one step closer to that carefree life, bring the Braxus solar charger power bank on your next adventure.
  • 🚧SAFE - Equipped with a built-in regulator system making the output of your solar panel more stable with a low voltage output eliminating any safety risks. This foldable solar panel has rugged metal mounting holes designed for easy hanging on cars, tents and other objects. One of the most compact solar chargers on the market, benefit from free solar energy in a lightweight foldable format you can always carry with you no matter where you go.
  • ✅CONVENIENT - Made with our flexible solar cells this panel can mold to fit all types of tents for camping and fill the worry of not having your devices ready and charged. The Braxus has to be your number one choice when it comes to solar chargers for electronic devices. Grab your solar cell phone charger and hit the road, nothing can stop your fun as long as you have your BRAXUS.
  • 18W Rapid Charge: USB C PD port and two QC 3.0 ports all deliver massive output power to access devices, whose performance is way better than that of others. A full charge for an iPhone 11 is in just 1.5hr at 3A high speed.
  • 4 Solar Panels: In direct sun, the solar charging speed of 4 panels is close to the speed of a 1A charger, faster than that of other solar charger with single panel, fully exploiting sunlight to charge itself.
  • 25000mAh Enormous Capacity: This solar charger supports more than 8 times for an iPhone 11, 3 times for an iPad mini 4 and over 1 time for a MacBook, great for hiking, camping, business trip and so on.
  • 3x Fast Recharge: Due to 18W power delivery technique, the time for a full self-recharge is reduced to 5.5 hours with a USB C charger(not included), freeing you from a long-time waiting.
  • Unique Outdoor Use: It features a waterproof cover which protects the USB ports from damage much better. An emergency flashlight makes you safer especially when you are in outdoors. And 18-month warranty ensures a totally worry-free purchase for you.
  • ☀️ NEVER GET CAUGHT WITHOUT POWER AGAIN: By using clean solar energy that you will always have enough power for all your electronic devices while camping, hiking or traveling. You will even be able to charge at night and on cloudy days by utilizing the discreet and lightweight powerbank. Using industry leading high efficiency X-Series SUNPOWER solar cells that ensure a high percentage conversion rate of 22%-25% your solar battery charger will power your way through your travels.
  • ☀️ CONVENIENT AND TOUGH. Designed to be water-resistant (the solar panel is covered with 600D waterproof PVC canvas just be careful that the USB ports should not get submerged in water) corrosion-resistant and treated to withstand high temperatures it is one tough and durable piece of camping gear. The power bank and output ports are hidden in a protective pocket where you can safely store your devices while charging.
  • ☀️LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE YOU WON’T EVEN KNOW YOUR CARRYING IT. The solar phone charger folds to a minimal 6x12 inches and will weigh just about a pound. Making it the ultimate solution for Camping, backpacking or just about any time you know you will be in a place without sufficient power. The included carabiner hooks and the reinforced loops make it easy to hang where needed like on your backpack while trekking on your RV while traveling or on your tent while camping.
  • ☀️ BUILT TO LAST. We used only the best and the strongest materials to ensure long lasting durability. However, if you still have any concern, we do offer a “Lifetime Warranty” so any time your portable solar charger breaks down during normal usage we will replace it free of charge. Supports virtually all devices that are charged via USB and can take a 5V charge. It is compatible with iPhone, android and more.
  • 🌳 PLANT A TREE AND HELP US SAVE THE PLANET! Yes we are tough on the outside but inside we’re just real softies. In addition to providing you with quality products our mission is to protect the planet we live on especially its forests. We want to preserve the beauty we enjoy for the next generation. With every purchase at Ryno Tuff we will plant a tree for you through the National Forest Foundation.
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you in love with hiking, camping and in general traveling? This power bank is ideal for you to keep your phone or other devices on while on the move, as steady sunlight can provide a steady supply of power for these devices.
  • CHARGE FASTER ON THE GO: This solar phone charger can charge your phone in a flash, and you will arrive always with your battery at 100%. A built-in flashlight helps it serve dual purposes as a nightlight and shows you the amount of charge left in the power bank.
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF POWER: No need to worry about batteries with this model because it has a high-grade polymer lithium battery with 10,000 mah capacity. It takes 5 hours to charge the solar power bank, and it is ready to charge your device up to 2 and a half times. DONT be fooled by brands claiming higher capacity!
  • DURABLE AND TRUSTED BRAND: Your best option for a portable charger for your phone is ours because it maintains the wired charging connection, while wireless charging is convenient, it's not fast enough to be worth it on the road. Being also water-resistant and durable can withstand thunderstorms, dropping, high humidity and even splashes from the ocean!
  • MULTI- PURPOSE: The portable charger is powerful enough to charge any USB device (1-2 amperes), smartphones, tablets or devices such as mp3 players or Bluetooth earbuds. No more waiting for devices to charge before you can leave the house, and no more searching for an outlet once you get there.
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: The Solar charger made by SUNPOWER highly efficient solar cells convert up to 22%. The charger utilizes natural sunlight to charge your device, It’s a green charger without battery and not too heavy to carry.
  • USB SMART OUTPUT: Built-in Smart IC automatically adjusts to connected devices and provides the optimal charging current to minimize charging time, It detects connected device input and distributes current output accordingly sunlight level.
  • COMPACT CARRY: Compact size (11.5 x 6.0 in. folded / 12.8 × 12.0 in. open). Lightweight (0.8 pounds) and ultra-thin (1.0in folded) lightweight foldable design make it great for camping, hiking, picnics, and other outdoor activities.
  • ZIPPER PACK DESIGN: Foldable zip pack exposure to damp conditions will not damage the exterior part of the solar charger. The wave straps on backside of solar panel make it easier to hang, removable, attachment to backpacks, trees, or tents.
  • PACKAGE: You will get 1 - ECEEN 10W solar panel charger, 4 - carabiners, 1 - 40cm Micro USB cable, 1 - instruction manual. 12 months warranty.
  • Built-in Ammeter: The ammeter can measure the current in a circuit. The value of Amps of our 28W solar charger depends on your devices, sunlgiht intensity and cable used. If your device has an input current of 1A (such as the iPhone), the amount of ammeter will show between 0.8A and 1A in theory.
  • Exclusive SmartIC Technology: With the built-in intelligence chip, our solar phone charger can detects your device then deliver its fastest possible charging speed(single usb port up to 5V/2.4A Max, dual USB ports up to 4A Max overall). Dual-port applys to all the 5V Android devices and apple devices. Note: This solar charger is not compatible with the iPad Pro.
  • High Efficiency: SunPower Solar Panels with high solar conversion efficiency by up to 21.5% - 23.5%. With compact size (11.1 × 6.3× 1.3in folded) and lightweight (21.0 oz) design, includes 4 clip hooks, which allows you to hook your solar panel everywhere convenient to get solar access (trees, backpacks, vehicle, etc.), so it is easy to carry for any outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, fishing etc.
  • Special PET Polymer Surface: Industrial-strength PET polymer fabric protects your solar panel and your devices from occasional rain or wet fog. IPX4 waterproof level, but the USB ports and ammeter are not water-resistant, so keep them away from water while charging. the pocket with a zip will keep your devices safe and clean while camping.
  • Easy to Use: Please unfold four solar panels under outdoor direct sunlight( No cloud and no shadow), then connect your device to the usb port with your certificated cable. A usb cable is provided in our package and not included the lighting cable. Note: Please don't place the device inside the pocket attached when charging in order to avoid overheating then damage your devices.
  • HPAGE SIZE: Combining 10W high power with mini size, can be easily put into notebook as a page to carry.HLY EFFICIENT: Compared with ordinary monocrystalline silicon solar panel, it provides 22-23% ultra high photoelectric conversion rate.
  • PAGE SIZE: Combining 10W high power with mini size, can be easily put into notebook as a page to carry.
  • NO BATTERY INSIDE: Without build-in battery,no troubles caused by heat or strong sunshine.
  • FROSTED SURFACE: Frosted panel avoids scratches on surface, making the panel more durable.
  • ENERGY SAVING: Taking advantage of sunshine, no capacity limitation that power bank has, an energy saving solution for outdoor charging.
  • UNIQUE - The Sunnybag LEAF PRO solar charger is the world's strongest fold able outdoor solar charger. Weighing barely 0.8 lbs, it is also ultra-light - a perfect complement for any outdoor gear.
  • POWERFUL - The unique micro-cell matrix delivers over 7.5 watts of power - the record holder from SUNNYBAG. With this powerhouse, you can quickly recharge your mobile devices when you need them, whether you're hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, cycling, business, travel or just going for a walk or a picnic in the park.
  • SMART - The built-in auto-restart feature allows smartphones (such as Apple iPhone or Samsung) to be recharged even more efficiently and steadily. Besides charging devices directly from the panel, the LEAF PRO can also be used to charge powerbanks and save solar energy for later use.
  • ROBUST - The LEAF PRO solar power cell is waterproof, scratch resistant and shockproof. That means you have a reliable partner for your outdoor adventures - even in wind, rain, snow or cold weather conditions. The LEAF+ comes with fastening gear for attaching the panel to any backpack, bag or tent.
  • WINNER - The Sunnybag LEAF series was awarded first place in the category "Energy and Light" at the ISPO Munich, Germany 2017/18, the world's largest outdoor exhibition. Get your LEAF PRO now for your next outdoor adventure.
  • The sCharger-5 will solar charge your phone fast..period! Specs: ~1200 mA (> 5watts) 5.1 volts USB, 6" x 6" closed, 6" x 11" open, ~7.5oz. Auto-Retry.
  • The S5 is our flag ship solar charger. It has traveled on all the American trails for over 10 years now. The S5 is a very reliable solar charger made for the short and long term endurance hiker. You may have noticed a Suntactics solar charger on the trails. Including the PCT, AT, JMT, and CDT to mention a few.
  • Suntactics solar chargers are extremely durable, reliable and water resistant. Solar panels and electronic connections are completely encapsulated. High efficiency solar cells are configured correctly for optimum light-to-voltage conversion for increased charging speed. Corrosion resistant from salty environments and water tested to 40 feet.
  • Compatible with all USB chargeable devices, including all iPhones, iPads,watches, All Samsung phones, watches and tablets,fitbit Powerbanks,AA/AAA,18650, A23 batteries, USB flashlights, SLR cameras using a USB charging cradle found on Amazon.
  • Designed and assembled in Silicon Valley, USA. U.S.Pat No. 9,929,443. Package includes Suntactics solar charger, travel pouch, User Manual, 2-year warranty, excellent customer support

So, what do you think? Which one do you think is the best ultralight solar chargers?

Please leave a comment and let us know which ultralight solar chargers did you end up purchasing and what made you choose that particular light?

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