For cutting down your electricity bills, solar motion lights are a perfect solution!

No need to fumble around in the darkness, searching for the light switch, when your mere motion can activate these lights!

Among the list of solar motion lights, theLumiGuard Lights are widely used! They have what you desire! LED lights, great brightness, good sensors, and versatile usage!

With these gadgets screwed to your backyard walls, stairs, or others, you get to enjoy optimized security, warding off trespassers!


For Whom Is This Device Designed For?

You guys are probably wondering, who can enjoy its features? The answer is almost EVERY ONE

  • Security guards
  • Rural area residents
  • Businessmen
  • Civil aviation forces
  • Rental property residents
  • Army personnel

And so on!

The list is unlimited!

But where to install?

The LumiGuard Solar Motion Lights feature versatile usage. They can be hanged or screwed to:

  • Backyard
  • Patios
  • Stairs
  • Corridors
  • Driveways
  • Garden paths
  • Pool Deck


Now, let’s explore its marvelous features!


Let’s first just appreciate its beauty and good looks. The Boundary enterprise has launched this device in premium dark blue color with black accents.

The front has a beautifully engraved trademark, giving a boost to its reputation and credibility.

The unit boasts a square shape and weighs 1.23 pounds, having 11.81 x 6.89 x 4.65 inches dimensions. It’s made up of acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene!

At the top, a solar panel is attached. This panel absorbs sunlight from the sun and uses it to charge the 20 LEDs incorporated in an admirable sequence.

At the top of the LED panel, just below the brand label, you will find a motion sensor beside which is an on/off button!

Motion Sensing Technology:

You know, how you have to keep your room or corridor lights on, just because you pass through them frequently! So what about the time you don’t visit?

It’s a total waste of energy!

This is where Lumi Guard lights come in. These solar lights have motion sensors that detect your motion and then turn it on! Hence, when no motion is detected, they won’t turn on, saving plenty of energy.

The motion sensors have a 120-degree sensing angle and 10 feet sensing range. Therefore, the Lumiguard will light up even if you are 10 feet away from it!

Even after you are gone, it will remain on for about 20 seconds! Turn on the power button beside the sensor, to activate motion sensing!

Solar Technology:

Apart from the motion sensor technology, its other interesting attribute is its solar technology.

The solar panel, that’s installed at its top, absorbs the sunlight.

The Lumiguard solar motion lights have an integrated lithium-ion battery that requires 8 hrs to charge up. The absorbed light is used to charge up the battery. After the batteries are fully charged, the 20 LEDs will light up at night upon motion sensing. Their lifespan is about 50,000hrs with about 80-lumen brightness.

The LEDs are usually in their dim mode. Only when they sense motion, they switch towards the bright mode.

With the LumiGuard motion lights, you get to enjoy 12hrs of working as it boasts a 17% energy conversion rate!

Hyped Up Security:

The Lumiguard is a great security tool for you all! To effectively counteract the power failure, these lights are quite helpful. Even with the whole area engulfed in darkness, the Lumiguard solar motion lights will still brighten upon motion sense, leaving no room for thieves and dangerous animals to trespass your property.

The light’s brightness immediately alarms you that someone just passed!


Many people question its durability, but we assure you it’s a fine piece of tech. It has been engineered with IP44 weather resistance. Whether it’s snowing, raining, dusty, or scorching hot, this device can withstand all.



Moving on to its installation, it’s a piece of cake.

  • All you have to do is find a beautiful spot with rich sunlight.
  • Then, screw the piece to the surface. You can drill holes first and then attach the piece with screws via the screw hole.
  • Another way is to zip tape it or use double-sided tape to mount the piece.
  • Turn on the power button to switch on the motion sensor
  • Leave it for a day
  • When the night falls, the lights will automatically light up!


What We Like:

  • A Sturdy Piece
  • Great Weather Tolerance
  • Multiple usages
  • Tremendous motion-sensing technology

What We Don’t Like:

  • The luminance should be more
  • The battery needs more improvement
  • Fewer LEDs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How Bright Are Lumiguard Lights?

LumiGuard lighted has about 80lumen brightness and has about 50,000 lifespans.

Why Do You Need A Solar Motion Sensor Light?

Every individual can purchase solar motion lights for a different purpose in mind. However, some common uses include:

  • Optimizing security
  • Brightening up darker places like backyards, stairs, and even driveways
  • Replacing costly traditional lights
  • Keeping the wild beasts away from your property

What Happens When LED Lights Burn Out?

LED lights don’t burn out like traditional bulbs. They just get dimmer by the day. That’s because the LEDs that constitute a bulb become worn out. The LED bulbs are way better than the traditional ones because they are both budget-friendly and environment-friendly.

How Many Lumens Should A Solar Light Be?

Solar lights mostly have lumens from 1 to 30. The greater the lumens offered, the brighter would be the light!


Wrapping Up!

LumiGuard Solar motion lights are heart-winning devices. Their reputation, reliability, sturdiness, versatility, and functionality, all shout out their awesomeness.

With this amazing amalgam of both solar and motion-sensing technology, coupled with great tolerance and epic versatility, you won’t be on the losing end!

Whether it’s lightening up your backyard or warding off intruders, the LumiGuard has got your back! Not to mention, its affordability doesn’t break the bank.

Hence, if you desire a device brimming with top-notch features then Lumi Guard is your guy!

Say bye-bye to hefty bills!


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