Are you trying to incorporate a warm and rustic appeal into your backyard? Maybe you want to install a nice string of lights in the patio or garden where you and your family love to have your meals! Maybe your entire family is coming for the cookout and you need to make sure the entire area is well-lit!

In that case, we recommend investing in a renewable power source that is bright, reliable, and powered by the sun! We are talking about the Sunforce Solar Powered String Light! These 20 LED bulbs are completely eco-friendly, will work for longer, and of course, are fully automated!

The most important thing you need to know about this product is that it is powered by amorphous solar panels! These do not work with cells; rather they can transform the sun’s rays into light using a deposition process. This forms the silicon material onto the glass substrate. This makes it even lighter and allows it to work with greater efficiency!

Today’s article will look at these features in more detail as we lay out our extensive Sunforce Solar Powered String Light review!



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Who is this product designed for?

  • Ideal for families with backyards and patios
  • For decorating parties
  • Outdoor BBQ enthusiasts use
  • Great for restaurants and café owners

Now that we know a little bit more about this brand and the particular product, we are now going to move on to highlighting and explaining a few key features as well! Within these features are the top offerings that might make it appealing to buyers!

So, let’s dig in!



  1. Fitted with 20 bulbs

If you thought a dozen bulbs were perfect for string lighting, then you will love these 20 LED bulbs! We think that 20 is an excellent number to ensure users get the complete coverage they need! They might be providing users with white light, but it provides a certain warmth that helps you recall the sun! This in turn helps make your purchase perfect for chilly nights out on the patio!

  1. Excellent spacing

If you thought the bulbs were impressive, wait till you find out the total length of this string light! The entire cable length is somewhere around 46-feet in total! Each of the bulbs is spaced with a distance of about 2-feet.

This will ensure that you get adequate coverage all over the area. Spacing is also important when trying to light up larger areas! That’s one area where Sunforce excels!

  1. Excellent construction and design

You might be concerned about their retention of power especially at night and on cloudy days. However, these Sunforce Solar Powered String Lights have been fitted with amorphous solar panels. This means they work rain or shine!

The construction is durable as the bulbs are made from sturdy ABS plastic. This ensures you can rest easy knowing your bulbs are safe from damage! They are also weatherproof in design. So, come wind, rain or sun, they will stand strong!

  1. Easy to install/accessories included

Of course, who doesn’t want a product that will be installed and assembled without the need for professional help? This one offers super easy installation as you can mount these string lights almost anywhere. All you need to do is find a place where you can find a decent amount of sunlight for them!

Other than that, you will also get its lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, 4 spare bulbs, 1 Mounting bracket, a Ground stake, and its Mounting hardware all included in the package!

  1. Automatic activation

One of the best features of this device, however, is its excellent automatic dusk to dawn activation! As soon as the sunlight dwindles, these lights will light up your patio or backyard without any need to turn them on!

Automatic activation provides a sense of convenience you can’t experience in other power sources. You won’t have to worry about switching the lights on or off. This will help ensure you can focus on spending time with your family instead!



Pros and Cons


  • Automatic features
  • Excellent construction and durability
  • 20 bulbs
  • Easy to install
  • Accessories are included


  • No remote control/power switch


With that, we are now going to look at some frequently asked questions regarding this product specifically!

Does the Sunforce Solar-powered String light come with a warranty included?

Yes! The Sunforce Solar-powered String light does offer a decent warranty. You can get a return for a refund if you request one within the first 30 days of purchase. If you want to request a return for replacement, that is also within the 30-day warranty period. This warranty is provided by Nutrend Return Policy.

Does the Sunforce Solar-powered String light have a power button?

Unfortunately, the Sunforce Solar-powered String lights do not come with any power button and an on/off switch included. You will have to plug it directly into the socket when you need to use it and take it out once you are done.



Final Verdict

We are now at the end of our Sunforce Solar-powered String light reviews! When it comes to buying string lights for outdoor use, it is quite evident that they can be a hassle to maintain! Powering 10 or more bulbs at a time is not exactly affordable or cheap! Therefore, the concept of these solar-powered string lights is quite excellent!

With the Sunforce Solar-powered String lights, you can depend on them to get you throughout the night as long as they are placed under direct sunlight throughout the day! These lights are for the most part quite affordable! You won’t have to splurge out big bucks to get that ultimate rustic and perfect feel in your backyard or patio!

They are also 20 bulbs stringed together. This ensures that they will cover any amount of space you intend to cover. Perfect for larger backyards and especially for family picnics! In terms of its amorphous technology and right down to the fact that it has automatic activation features included, we think this is the perfect solar bulb investment!

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